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Free Teamspeak Server - Completely free Ventrilo Servers.

3/2/2012 - Changes - The servers are back online. We've modified the site scripts to work with our new Ventrilo backend system. Please let us know if you encounter any issues. We've also modified the site so that reservations are for 4 hours now instead of the previous 8 hours. We are seeing too many servers with low usage and only 1 client connected just parking on it. To rotate servers more quickly we are going to try a shorter reservation time to allow better usage trends hopefully.


10/29/2010 - Ventrilo Issues - We're still waiting for issues to be worked out with the interface that provisions our servers. Until then servers will not provision properly.


10/6/2010 - New Site Design - New site design!


4/2/2010 - Changes - We've altered the default settings on all of our free Ventrilo Servers per many contact requests, we will be tidying the site up as well as the days go by.


10/17/09 - Server Switch - We're moving our Ventrilo servers to new hardware, let us know if you experience any issues.


9/24/09 - Forums - New forum system has been launched and is now in testing, enjoy.


9/05/09 10AM EST - Status - We've fixed the issues causing the servers to not reset.


5/19/09 5PM EST - Resync - We're still trying to resync servers, it's going slowly but we hope to have it up soon.


4/21/09 - Outage - We've fixed the remaining issues with the servers, let us know if you're still experiencing issues.


3/30/09 - Outage - Yes, we know the servers are down. We are waiting on our provider to come back up. Thanks and come back soon!


2/23/09 - Poll - Please take a second to vote in the poll in the left side menu. We will start to gather feedback every week or so in order to gauge the best way to enhance the site. Thank you.


2/21/09 - Server Additions - We've added a few more 10 and 20 slot servers so more people can take advantage of them. We plan on adding some more within the next few days and will also be soliciting some feedback on the site as we have many ideas we would like to implement but want your opinion first. Stay tuned.


1/18/09 - Reboots! - We went through and rebooted a number of servers to clear up some connection issues. Remember, if you're going to email us about a server problem, include the port...


7/17/2008 - Admin Update - Just an update for everyone wondering when the admin passwords for full access will be provided again. We're looking to start including the admin password with each Free Ventrilo Server in another day or two as we finish up a few things. Thanks!


7/10/2008 - Update - Servers are back online, sorry for the interruption.


7/10/2008 - Update - Please bare with us, were currently experiencing intermediate outages with our Ventrilo servers and hope to have them back up soon. Thank you.


7/05/2008 - Server Availability Change - After researching the client counts and use of our servers we've seen that most of you never come close to the full capacity of the larger servers. So, we've broken up the larger servers such as our 50 slot servers into 10 slot servers, making more servers available for our other users. We will continue monitoring client counts and server availability to make changes to benefit everyone.


6/12/2008 - Site Launch - If there aren't enough free Ventrilo servers or you're just looking for Free Teamspeak Servers at You receive full administrative rights and can manage the server as you wish for 8 hours. The setup is exactly the same as it here, enjoy!


5/24/2008 - Channels in Servers - By request, we've added multiple channels to each Ventrilo server allowing you to filter your users into these sub-channels to eliminate congestion. This will allow your users to particpate in PVP, Raiding, Instances, or different clan matches in separate channels instead of having everybody in one single channel.


4/30/2008 - Removed Admin Password - We've temporarily removed the server administrator passwords in order to fix some of the bugs that has been causing servers to not reset correctly. We hope to have this issue fixed soon.


4/15/2008 - Removed Stale Servers - One of the ventrilo servers was getting stuck, causing the other servers to fail in being reprovisioned, it's been fixed. Enjoy.


4/5/2008 - Status Check Added - We want our Ventrilo servers to be used and enjoyed by everyone, we were disappointed to find that some users were snapping up our free Ventrilo servers and not utilizing them. We checked many of our servers and found that they had 0 users conected to them. Not only does this irritate us, but we find it's not fair to the users who actually want to use the servers.

So, we've implemented a new status check for our free Ventrilo servers that will randomly check twice each hour during the 8 hour provisioning duration. If the server comes up with ZERO users connected during TWO of these checks, the server will be reset and placed up for grabs again. If you're not going to use it, don't reserve it.


4/2/2008 - Fixes Added - For those who have been sending us feedback, thank you. We've been working out a few problems with the provisioning system which should correct many of the Ventrilo server issues you've been seeing dealing with channels, bans, and users. If you find problems, don't hesitate to report them to us, we appreciate the feedback and strive to improve this free service. If you don't report the bugs, we don't know about them.

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